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RCMA Over Powder

You're glowing! RCMA's Over Powder is the finishing touch to your look for adding the softest of sheen effects. This powder is gorgeous when layered over blush or any of the high points of the face, as well as for achieving an ethereal effect all over the body. Dust it onto collarbones, shoulders, cheekbones and the cupid's bow for a subtle light-catching highlight! This 3 oz. powder has a shaker spout.
$ 18.00
$ 18.00
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Destiny's Hope and Sparkles Warm Gold, 3 oz.
$ 18.00
$ 18.00
Pure Pearl, 3 oz.
$ 18.00
$ 18.00
RCMA Loose Powders are a staple in the industry and should be a part of every pro makeup artist's kit.

The Over Powders are for special facial and body shine effects with an over glow sheen to catch highlights in a soft silver shimmer. This 3 oz. powder has a shaker spout.
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